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KKU joins the learning and sharing under the School and Teacher Development program to upgrade educational qualities

The opening ceremony of Institute for Research and Development in Teaching Profession for ASEAN

The 14th APEC-Khon Kaen International Conference 2019 at IRDTP for ASEAN, KKU

IRDTP for ASEAN held a workshop for educational personnel on lesson study and open approach

IRDTP organizes workshop in the topic of “Research and Practice of Classroom Management in Thai"

IRDTP for ASEAN joins 2 Japanese and 2 Thai institutes improving potential of school directors and educational supervisors

IRDTP for ASEAN joins with UN in their visit to Meechai Patana School, in Burirum, aiming to achieve SDGs goals.

IRDTP for ASEAN Teacher Profession Research Institute joins 4 organizations to train educators on October 21-22

IRDTP for ASEAN joins in training private school teachers, responding to Government’s policy.

IRDTP in collaboration with Mechai Bamboo school and the school using Lesson Study and Open Approach in Sisaket province.

ASEAN Teaching Profession Research and Development Institute helps develop private sector’s education.

IRDTP for ASEAN held 2019 Camp for Advanced Thinking Skill in Mathematics at Banmuang School.

KKU and Japan attempt to transform Thailand’s education with AI for Thai teachers and students.

IRDTP holds a workshop for exchanging knowledge between foreign experts and school administrators.

IRDTP develops educational innovation further to national network of school directors.

IRDTP for ASEAN joins a binary meeting with Philippines on mathematic education

ASEAN Teacher Profession Development and Research Institute held a workshop for southern schools

IRDTP for ASEAN comes up with educational innovation for schools in the northeast

IRDTP for ASEAN and KK Educational Service Area 1 aim to improve students’ 21 century skills

IRDTP for ASEAN expands learning innovations in schools in the North to develop mathematics classrooms

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Khonkaen University Prepare for the construction of an ASEAN Research and Professional Development Institute building. The ASEAN Institute for Teacher Research and Development was established to integrate the needs of teacher development in Thailand from all regions, linked to the direction And the needs of the ASEAN Economic Community For Thailand to be a leader and create a network of cooperation with various countries In the ASEAN Economic Community To increase the competitiveness of Thailand at the international level It is also considered another mission to drive the goals of the rich development plan. Study of Khon Kaen University, Issue 11, Year 2012-2016 Which emphasizes education management to support changes in the northeast region, the Mekong River Basin region And the ASEAN Economic Community Cooperation Framework And establishing cooperation with the National Center for Teacher Development (NCTD) in order to share experiences of Japan's successful development in education by researching to develop innovations for class reform at the school level. Research on topics related to teacher knowledge. Research to develop textbooks and teaching media to support the activities Teacher learning to improve the student's learning process To focus on teacher development in Thailand and countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (CLMV)

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