5 – 9 December, 2022

Thailand versus Australia International Symposium on Physics Studies, The International Conference on Physics Education (ICPE 2022)

Assoc. Prof. Tang Keow Ngang

Thailand versus Australia International Symposium on Physics Studies
The International Conference on Physics Education (ICPE 2022) is fulfilling:

    United Nation’s:
  • SDG 4: Quality Education
  • SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities
  • SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals
    KKU OKRs:
  • OKR 1, Strategic Issue 1 Strategy 1 - Academic service transformation
  • OKR 32, Strategic Issue 4 Strategy 2 - Cooperation project to develop communities and society for sustainability

     December 8-9, 2022, (Thailand time 0900 to 16.00 hours) – The IRDTP for ASEAN, Khon Kaen University co-host with the International Commission on Physics Education, University of New South Wales, Australia to organize the International Conference on Physics Education (ICPE 2022) (SDG 17, OKR 32). The theme of this conference was “Physics education: Preparing for the future”. The President of Khon Kaen University Associate Professor Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D. congratulated the success of ICPE 2022 and delivered his opening remarks at the opening ceremony. This was followed by Vice President for Education and Academic Service as well as Acting Director of IRDTP for ASEAN Associate Professor Dr. Maitree Inprasitha delivered his welcoming speech to the participants of the ICPE 2022.

    The ICPE 2022 was held from December 5-9, 2022, in an online platform and attended by more than 300 participants from 46 countries around the globe. Moreover, the 2022 International Symposium on Physic Studies aimed to provide a sharing platform in the subject of Physics Education among university professors, researchers, scholars, students, and teachers in presenting and disseminating their academic work so that they could exchange, learn, and enhance their experience (SDG 4, SDG 10, OKR 1). There were special lectures presented by world-class subject matter experts and a variety of workshops in physics studies by international scholars and researchers (SDG 4, SDG 10, OKR 1).

    In addition, participants are encouraged to create a cooperative network between their institutions to improve their knowledge of physics teaching and research in physics education at the international level (SDG 17). The International Conference of Physics Education 2022 Local Meeting in Thailand was organized from 8-9 December, using the on-site and online platforms. On December 8, Associate Professor Dr. Maitree Inprasitha delivered his welcoming speech and presented his special lecture titled “Using TLSOA model and its operational definition as Open Class is not the best class show, but a class that one person inspires to achieve learning together” (SDG 4, OKR1).

    This local meeting started with a special lecture given by Associate Professor Dr. Maitree Inprasitha regarding the trends and directions of the current teaching and learning process in the post-COVID-19 era (SDG 4, OKR 32). This was followed by an open class on physics conducted by Mr. Pisit Sansuk from Chaiyaphum Technical College. The students involved in this Open Class are ninth-grade students from Phu Wiang Wittayakom School. The observation results from the open class were reflected by experts and participants in order to exchange good teaching practices and learning activities including some research techniques that are relevant to schoolteachers (SDG 4, OKR 1). On top of that, a total of 131 on-site participants and more than 100 online participants comprised school administrators, faculty members from various local Thai universities, educational personnel, teachers, and students (SDG 10).