February 10, 2021

IRDTP KKU participated in APEC-Tsukuba International Conference XV

Theme: Challenges to New Normal on Informatics and Statistics Education on Digital Era Computational and Statistical Thinking for AI and Big Data| Organized by CRICED, University of Tsukuba

Assoc. Prof. Tang Keow Ngang

     February 10, 2021, at Conference Room 201, IRDTP for ASEAN building, Khon Kaen University – The objective of the webinar is to share the reform framework with curriculum specialists in APEC, and further set the tasks for the InMside II Seminar in Malaysia with participants, which is tentatively scheduled for September 2021. This webinar is a part of the APEC project ‘InMside II’ (HRD 05 2019), which focuses on curriculum reform in lower secondary education on informatics and statistics education and capacity building among the curriculum specialists in APEC regions. Therefore, the participants in this webinar were mainly discussed every economy’s status and considered the significant tasks to be addressed at the next seminar.

     The conference was started with welcoming remarks by four key persons. They are Dr. Caroline Fern Benton, Vice President of University of Tsukuba, Japan; Mr. Matsubara Taro, Director for Office of International Cooperation Planning, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan; Dr. Wang Yan, Education Network Coordinator, APEC Human Resources Development Working Group, and Professor Dr. Masami Isoda representative of InMside II Project. This is followed by keynote speeches focusing on two main areas: (i) Reform Framework to Develop Computational & Statistical Thinking by Professor Masami Isoda from Japan and Professor Roberto Araya from Chile; (ii) The Case of Reform on School and Higher Education by Associate Professor Dr. Maitree Inprasitha from Thailand, Professor Lew Hee-Chan from Korea, and Mr. Toshiharu Kano from Japan.