January 2-23, 2024

Professor Akira Mitamura visit IRDTP for ASEAN, 2 January 2024 – 23 January 2024

Professor Akira Mitamura visit IRDTP 2 January 2024 – 23 January 2024

   According to MOU between IRDTP, Khon Kaen University and Fukui university Prof. Mitamura came to observe schools that put TLSOA into practice, in terms of researching lesson study in Thai contexts. Prof. Mitamura had observed 2 schools, which are Santitham Witthaya, Udonthani and chumchon Ban-prayuen, Khon Kaen.

   At Santitham Witthaya had observed 2nd grade and 4th grade mathematics, 3 multiplication and introduction to decimal digit, respectively. For 2nd grade he reflected about importance of language skill to improve student’s discussion in 3rd step of open approach. For 4th grade, student had opportunities to think about other group’s idea. Good opportunity for next class to learning deeply about decimal digit by applying Group no.2 idea however teacher’s expertise is key of connecting each class hour.

   At chumchon Ban-prayuen school, Khon Kaen had observed 2nd grade and 4th grade mathematics, shape and introduction to decimal digit. He reflected that classroom target were archived and observer can learn about importance of encourage student to summarize how to use 0.1 in words. For next class could be more interesting by students make their own measure tools to visualize the digit. For 2nd grade could get better student attention by change from group work to individual work at the problem solving step then share their idea in the group and let them present what they found by comparing with friends idea. In summary of chumchon Ban-prayuen school, Khon Kaen communication skill of 2nd and 4th grade students are clearly different both as listener and speaker to improve there competency require plenty of time and practice continuously since they are in 1st grade and 2nd grade the concept of curriculum management is need to build up student’s competency.

   Also experiences and expertise of teacher are key between teacher who has open approach experience since he was a undergraduate student can apply open approach in class room effectively and actively create material according to student interest. However 2nd grade teacher is newbie and less open approach experience, so learning from experience class room is great way to improve teacher expertise and support from school president is another factor to develop young teacher through KONAI KENSHU (school internal training and practice)