October 15 , 2021

Virtual Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) Signing Ceremony

Time: 14.30 to 16.00 hours (Thailand Time)
Project: Development of Environmental Consciousness in Problem-solving based on STEAM Education

Cooperation between:
2. The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan
3. Institute for Research and Development in Teaching Profession (IRDTP) for ASEAN, Khon Kaen University
4. The Educational Foundation for Development of Thinking Skills
The Virtual MoA Signing Ceremony is fulfilling:
United Nation’s:
  SDG 4: Quality Education ,   SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals
KKU OKRs:     OKR 1, Strategic Issue 1 Strategy 1 - Academic service transformation
OKR 32, Strategic Issue 4 Strategy 2 - Cooperation project to develop communities and society for sustainability

Assoc. Prof. Tang Keow Ngang

   October 15, 2021, at Smart Classroom 402, IRDTP for ASEAN building, Khon Kaen University - The TOYO SYSTEM Co., LTD, Japan is pioneering the future of the energy industry through assistance in the Research and Development of rechargeable batteries to protect the planet, the Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan is a recognized worldwide Mathematics Certification Institute in Japan to conduct a highly trusted and useful indicators of mathematics learning, the IRDTP for ASEAN, Khon Kaen University, Thailand is providing academic training and research-based solutions for the emergence of the knowledge society to a new paradigm of the teaching profession in Thailand and other ASEAN countries, and the Educational Foundation for Development of Thinking Skills, Thailand is supporting and promoting research and innovative development in improving thinking skills signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA). This MoA was signed in the presence of Associate Professor Chanchai Panthongwiriyakul (President of Khon Kaen University) and Mr. Surapon Petch-vra (representing Vice Chairman of the Khon Kaen University Council).

   The virtual signing ceremony was conducted spontaneously in two locations, namely Japan and Thailand, and all the witnesses and signees are connected virtually from their respective locations. The signatories consisted of Mr. Hideki Shoji (Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of TOYO SYSTEM Co., LTD), Associate Professor Dr. Maitree Inprasitha (Vice President for Education & Academic Services / Acting Director of IRDTP for ASEAN / President of the Educational Foundation for Development of Thinking Skills), Professor Shizumi Shimizu (Chairman of the Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan), Assistant Professor Piyasak Pakkhothanang (Acting Deputy Director of IRDTP for ASEAN) and Assistant Professor Dr. Narumon Changsri (Director of Center for Research in Mathematics Education). The MoA signing ceremony was witnessed by Professor Dr. Monchai Duangjinda (Vice President for Research & Graduate Studies, Khon Kaen University), Mr. Boonyarit Sombatlai (Member of KKU University Council), Dr. Panupong Sangdee (Educational Supervision Specialist Khon Kaen Provincial Education Office), Miss Channarong Buristrakul (President of the Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce), and Khun Panchai Suwanwanich (Vice President of the Khon Kaen Federation of Industries) from Thailand side.

   By signing this MoA, the four organizations aim to create environmental awareness using STEAM education to solve problems (SDG 17 & OKR 32). Besides, the cooperation between the four organizations not only can strengthen the global partnership for sustainable development (SDG 17) but also transform academic services from corporate social responsibility (CSR) towards creating corporate shared value (CSV) (SDG 4, OKR1) in the future.