October 15 , 2021

IRDTP, KKU joins National Education Training Institutes in ASEAN (NETI-A) Forum 2021

Time: 08.00 to 13.20 hours (Thailand Time)
Organized by Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea

The National Education Training Institutes in ASEAN (NETI-A) Forum 2021 is fulfilling:
United Nation’s:
  SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals
OKR 32, Strategic Issue 4 Strategy 2 - Cooperation project to develop communities and society for sustainability

Assoc. Prof. Tang Keow Ngang

   October 5, 2021, two delegates from IRDTP for ASEAN were invited to join the National Education Training Institutes in ASEAN (NETI-A) Forum 2021, an online video conference with its base in Daegu, Republic of Korea. The two delegates are Acting Deputy Director, Assistant Professor Dr. Phongthanat Sae-joo who is in charge of the In-Service Teachers’ Professional Development Program at IRDTP for ASEAN as a head delegate to the forum, and Miss Apinya Nimmongkon, International Relations Officer who is in charge of In-Service Teachers’ Professional Development program as a contact point person to prepare the forum.

   The NETI-A Forum 2021 was focused on the theme “International Professional Development for Educators in the Era of AI – The first step towards Global Partnership”. Therefore, it aims to (i) share Asian countries’ exemplary professional training programs for teachers, educators and policymakers; and (ii) cooperate for developing and implementing joint training and collaborative projects in Asian countries’ K-12, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), and higher education sector. A total of 90 education policymakers and officials to discuss exemplary policies, programs, cases as well as directions and strategies concerning the National Education Training Institutes operation. IRDTP for ASEAN is one of the educational institutes that participated in besides SEOMEO INNOTECH and SEOMEO RETRAC.