APEC - KhonKaen 2015

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  Program for APEC-Khon Kaen International Symposium 2015
24-27 November 2015 Facuty of Education

 ศึกษาศาสตร์ มข. เจ้าภาพประชุมนานาชาติ WALS&APEC- KHONKAEN 2015

 E-textbooks for APEC 2015

 Akihiko Takahashi, DePaul University :
Collaborative Lesson Research_Maximizing the impact of Lesson Study

 Arturo Mena-Lorca :
Lesson Study in Chile, Professional Development and Academic Research

 Hiroyuki Kuno, Nagoya University, Japan :
Establishing Reciprocal Partnership for Curriculum Implementation

 Ivan R.Vysotskiy, Moscow, Russia :
Approaches to statistics and probability theory in school

 Kiyomi Akita, Japan :
Plenary Session 1 Theorizing Lesson Study

 Maitree Inprasitha, Khon Kaen University, Thailand :
Lesson Study incorporating Open Approach

 Manabu Sato, Gakushuin University, Japan :
Expert Seminar Theme 2 Lesson Study - Cases of Classroom Practices

 Manabu Sato, Gakushuin University, Japan :
Commentaries in the Plenary Session 2 Entitled “Partnership to sustain Lesson Study”

 Shizumi Shimizu, Teikyo University, Japan :
Impact of Japanese Textbooks on Expanding Lesson Study in Practice

 Suhaidah Tahir, SEAMEO RECSAM, Malaysia :
Mathematics Education for the Future

 Suhaidah Tahir, SEAMEO RECSAM, Malaysia :
Teacher as Choreographer of Students Learning

 Sumar Hendayana, Arif Hidayat, Asep Supriatna, Indonesia Universuty of Education :
Learning through Collaboration Exploring New Values for Society

 Takuya Baba, Hiroshima University, Japan :
Contextualization and Adaptation of Lesson Study Beyond Japan

 Tatang Suratno, Indonesia Universuty of Education :
What partnership in lesson study is for?

 Yutaka Ohara,kanto Gakuin University, Japan :
Real time Feedback as an Interactive Learning Tool in Quasi-Lesson Study

 23 November 2015 (Monday): Attend WALS expert seminar at room 1447
 Time  Agenda  Presenters
 8.30  Morning Tea and Registration
 9.00  Welcome  Prof. Maitree Inprasitha, Convenor of WALS2015 Annual Conference A/P Christine Lee, President of WALS & Convenor of Expert Seminar 2015
 Theme 1: Contextualisation and Adaptations of Lesson Study Beyond Japan
 9.10  Introduction to the theme  Chair: Dr. Yeap Ban Har, Marshall Cavendish Training Institute, Singapore
 9.20  UK  Dr. Peter Dudley, Asst. Director, Raising Achievement and Aspiration, London Borough of Camden
Lesson Study Development in the UK: Phase 2
 10.00  Norway  Prof. Elaine Munthe, Professor of Education and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Education, University of Stavanger, Norway
Lesson study in Norwegian Schools and Teacher Education: System Possibilities and Challenges
 11.00  Chile  Prof Dr.Arturo Mena-Lorca, Professor at the Mathematics Institute of the Catholic University of Valparíso, PUCV
Lesson Study in Chile: Professional Development and Academic Research
 11.40  Discussion & Q and A  Discussant: Baba Takuya (University of Hiroshima)
 Theme 2: Lesson Study - Cases of Classroom Practices
 13.15  Introduction to the theme  Chair: Dr. Mohd Reza Sarkar Arani (Nagoya University)
 13.25  Indonesia  Dr. Sumar Hendayana, Head of Centre of Innovation in Education, Indonesia University of Education, Bandung, Indonesia
Learning through Collaboration: Exploring New Values for Society
 14.15  Taiwan  Yu-lun Huang, Lecturer, Hosei University, Japan and Doctoral Candidate, University of Tokyo
How Pupils of Different Levels Learn in Jumping Tasks: A Case Study of Daguan Elementary School in Tainan City
 14.50  Singapore  Dr. Choy Ban Heng, Asst. Professor at National Institute of Education, Singapore
Enhancing Mathematics Teacher Noticing: Using a Modified Lesson Study Protocol in Singapore
 15.30  Discussion & Q & A  Discussant: Prof. Manabu Sato (Tokyo Gakushuin)

 24 November 2015 (Tuesday)
 Time  Agenda  Presenters
 8.30  Morning Tea and Registration
 9.00-10.00  Opening Ceremony  President of Khon Kaen University
 10.00-11.00  Keynote Speech  Prof. Dr. Akihiko Takahashi, DePaul University, USA
 11.00-12.30  Plenary Session 1 “Theorizing Lesson Study”  Chair: Keith Wood (Brunei)
Speakers: Catherine Lewis (US), Xiangming Chen (China)
Discussant: Kiyomi Akita (Japan)
 12.30-13.30  Lunch
 13.30-15.00  Plenary Session 2 “Partnership to sustain Lesson Study”  Chair: CHENG Chun Chor Litwin (Hong Kong)
Speakers: Tatang Suratno (Indonesia), Hiroyuki Kuno (Japan)
Discussant: Manabu Sato (Japan)
 APEC-KKU Symposium (Room 1507)
 15.00-16.00  Introduction of APEC Lesson Study Project  Prof. Dr. Masami Isoda (Japan) and Assist. Prof. Dr. Maitree Inprasitha (Thailand)
 16.00-16.30  Specialist Presentation  Specialist from Russia, Prof. Ivan Vysotskiy
 16.30-18.00  Oral Presentation  Specialist act as moderators on ORAL presentation
 18.30-20.30  Welcome Dinner

 25 November 2015 (Wednesday)
 Time  Agenda  Presenters
 9.00-10.00  Keynote Speech  Assist. Prof. Dr. Maitree Inprasitha (Thailand)
 10.00-11.30  Plenary Session 3 “Developing tools and artifacts for supporting Lesson Study and Instructional Approaches”  Chair: Yeap Ban Har (Singapore)
Speakers: Masami Isoda (Japan), Yutaka Ohara (Japan)
Discussant: Keith Wood (Brunei)
 APEC-KKU Symposium (Room 1507)
 11.30-12.30  Specialists Presentation  Specialists from Thailand, Prof. Auijit Pattanajak
Indonesia, Dr. Wahyudi Yoso Sutikno
Malaysia, Prof. Suhaidah Tahir
 12.30-13.30  Lunch
 13.30-14.00  Specialists Presentation  Specialists from Japan, Mr. Nobuaki Kawasaki
 14.00-15.00  Planning for APEC Lesson Study next Project  Prof. Dr. Masami Isoda (Japan) and Assist. Prof. Dr. Maitree Inprasitha (Thailand)
 15.00-16.30  Open Class  Teacher: Mr. Masahiko Sakamoto
Reflection: Prof. Arturo Mena Lorca
 16.30-18.00  Poster Presentation  Specialist act as discussion with Poster Presentation

 26 November 2015 (Thursday)
 Time  Agenda  Presenters
 9.00-10.00  Keynote Speech  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wee Tiong Seah (Australia)
 10.00-11.30  Plenary Session 4 “Lesson Study for Improvement of Classroom Quality”  Chair: Cheah Ui Hock (Malaysia)
Speakers: Shizumi Shimizu (Japan), Soledad Ulep (Philippines)
Discussant: Prof. Dr. Masami Isoda (Japan)
 11.30-12.30  Lunch
 12.30-14.00  Plenary Session 5 “Deepening student learning through Lesson Study”  Chair: Arani Mhd Reza Sarkar (Japan)
Speakers: Suhaidah Tahir (Malaysia), Ivan Vysotskiy (Russia)
Discussant: Akihiko Takahashi (USA)
 14.00-15.00  Oral Presentation  Specialist act as moderators on ORAL presentation
 15.00-16.30  Open Class  Teacher: Mr. Nobuaki Kawasaki
Reflection: Prof. Ivan Vysotskiy

 27 November 2015 (Friday)
 Time  Agenda
 9.00-12.30  School Visit 1 (Khookham Pittayasan School in Sumsoong district, Khon Kaen)
School Visit 2(Ban Buengniam Buengkrainoon School in Muang district, Khon Kaen)

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