APEC 2022 Online Workshops for Lesson Study 2.0:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science for Education in APEC Economies

APEC Putrajaya Vision (2021) set priority for research on Innovation and Digitalisation and Theme of APEC 2022 is ‘Open, connect and balance.’ APEC Lesson Study project (2006-2018) had developed Open Approach in education. InMside Project (2019-2021) had developed curriculum recommendation for AI and Data Science. For Digital Transformation, a number of educational research to use AI and data science methodology are ongoing. On this occasion, the project implements two online workshops for training trainers in governments:

First workshop in Thailand on October 2022 focuses on achievement of past lesson study project in APEC and discuss the possible adaptations of AI and Data Science Approaches.

Second workshop in February 2023 focuses on Lesson Study 2.0 which includes to use AI and Data Science Approaches, discuses usefulness and limitation of current technology, and seeks further development.

Government officials participate in the online meeting and other registered participants will attend through YouTube.

October 2022, 18-21hrs: GMT+7, BKK time
It will be 3-6hrs (GMT-8; Canada-PST, USA-PST), 5-8hrs (GMT-6; Mexico), 6-9hrs (GMT-5; Canada-EST, Peru, USA-EST), 8-11hrs(GMT-3; Chile), 14-17hrs (GMT+3; Russia-Moscow), 18-21hrs (GMT+7; Thailand, Indonesia-WIB, Vietnam), 19-22hrs (GMT+8, Australia-WST, Brunei, China, Hong Kong China, Indonesia-WITA, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei), 20-23hrs (GMT+9: Indonesia-WIT, Japan, Korea), 21-24hrs (GMT+10: Australia-EST, Papua New Guinea, Russia-Vladivostok), and 22-25hrs (GMT+12: New Zealand-NZDT).